Perhaps it was a dream, she thought. Perhaps if she pinched herself she would wake up. But she didn’t want to wake up. She wanted to stay in this dream world where…

Everyone was still alive.

Where there were still trees, in full bloom, a soft beating sun instead of the blaring one she was used to. Where she could sit on a bench for hours, and observe. Where she didn’t have to fight for her life every second, or keep searching for him.

Where she could even hear the birds and people, actual live, human beings, talking and laughing with one another.

As much as she wanted to stay in this dream, she knew she should wake up. The sun would be out soon, and she wouldn’t last a minute in its rays. She knew she should have opted to sleep underground, or even in a nearby cave, but she couldn’t pass up the chance to sleep under the night sky, full of exploding stars.

She opened her eyes to look at the blanket of stars, but it was so bright. She couldn’t even open her eyes all the way. Suddenly she fell over as an unbearable heat coursed over her body.

It was already morning, and she was in the real world.

As she opened her eyes further, and looked at this beautifully destroyed world, she thought it might not be such a terrible time to go. Especially, since her skin was burning and her mind was going blank with pain. It would be so easy to stay.

But then she remembered why she had been sleeping under the skeletons of trees, why she was traveling, and she forced her burning eyes open.

She had to find him.




4 thoughts on “Burning

  1. I wanna read the rest of this story! I think it has potential, and the shortness of it makes me feel like this material as of now feels lacking! I wonder what’s the connection of the burning stuff with the rest of the story…?

  2. I was burning to know, to find out, to see what happens next. The story really pulled me in. What a fantastic start of a hot day in Havasu. (Day two 8/11/16)

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