Wow, Blogging is Hard

I get why people pay the big bucks for others to write their blogs. It's hard! And I am terrible at it, seeing as this is probably my third 'Haven't Been Posting in a While, But Now I'm Back Post'. And I hate that.           So I'm going to take baby … Continue reading Wow, Blogging is Hard


Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

So I am just going to change the pace a little bit today and share a quote. I was tagged in the Three Day Quote Challenge by the awesome blogger The Over Lord Bear's Den, thanks again by the way! I’m excited to participate in this challenge for a few reasons. First, challenges are just … Continue reading Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

Be Gone Writer’s Block

I know I have been gone for, wow...almost six months! I wish I could tell you that I had an amazing adventure in the middle of the safari, or that I went to the moon and that's why I haven't been posting anything. I have actually just been having a mid-life writers crisis, if you … Continue reading Be Gone Writer’s Block

For the Survivors

I opened my phone. The latest text message from my dad showed the living room, kitchen, and dinning room torn to pieces. There was no carpet, the major appliances were gone, and several cabinets were missing. I stood there looking at the picture, all of the worst possible scenarios rushed through my head. Finally, I … Continue reading For the Survivors

How Can I Choose?

"Now write down your favorite book, and we'll share them," my college English teacher said. I panicked. Which to choose?! I closed my eyes and imagined my collection of books stacked before me: fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, young adult fiction, adult fiction, and then a few of the classics. They were all amazing. I couldn't choose just … Continue reading How Can I Choose?