The Descent

Detectives are trained to develop a sixth sense, a nose for when a case smells fishy. And something about this one wasn't right. First of all, Angel was here, and she always showed off when something was strange. All of those cases seemed to follow her around. Or maybe it was the other way around. … Continue reading The Descent


The Ice Demons

The wind whispered through the dark, empty forest, like a warning in a foreign language as I took the shortcut to Beck's house. Winter was coming, and with winter... the Icolytes, demons of the ice wind. Everyone knew that the first of the winds signaled their soon to be arrival. It was when the air was … Continue reading The Ice Demons

The Fish Thief

The Ordinary Adventures Part II Last Time: Molly and Corinne found themselves at the hotel of Crazy Old Lady after deciding they wanted to go on an adventure. They were out of money and food, and the only way to get a meal at the hotel was to find out who was killing all the … Continue reading The Fish Thief

The Departure

I wrote this story for my friend, Molly, for when she was recovering from having her wisdom teeth pulled out. Having had the surgery several years ago, I knew how boring it would be, and I thought a fun story about us as kids would be a good way to pass the time. I liked it so much that I thought I would share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

Not Just Another Facebook Story

Mom: Hi Honey 🙂 Claire: Hi, what are you doing? Mom: Working, how did mid term studying go? Claire: Okay, I have my journalism project due today. Thank goodness that's over. Math is alright, we have our test on friday. I'm scared haha Mom: Getting strong grades definitely takes time and effort. Claire: I am trying to … Continue reading Not Just Another Facebook Story