We Flew By

The yellow lines on the highway sped by in a blur, and we flew through the night, and we felt free. But we weren't, and we knew it. We were running away from something, and running away was never the path to freedom. I thought about telling John to turn back. I thought about suggesting … Continue reading We Flew By


The Ice Demons

The wind whispered through the dark, empty forest, like a warning in a foreign language as I took the shortcut to Beck's house. Winter was coming, and with winter... the Icolytes, demons of the ice wind. Everyone knew that the first of the winds signaled their soon to be arrival. It was when the air was … Continue reading The Ice Demons

The Fish Thief

The Ordinary Adventures Part II Last Time: Molly and Corinne found themselves at the hotel of Crazy Old Lady after deciding they wanted to go on an adventure. They were out of money and food, and the only way to get a meal at the hotel was to find out who was killing all the … Continue reading The Fish Thief

Snow Girl

Alex, with a strange affinity for physically adapting to her surroundings, goes snowboarding with her boyfriend for the first time. A seasoned snowboarder, Eli takes Alex on a run much too difficult. She had known this whole trip would be a bad idea, but what she didn't know was the sinister magic living on this mountain, or that her life will change forever, if she ever gets out of this alive.


The policy came out today. No more school. They think it will be best for us and for the country. They think we can teach ourselves with all the technology available. I’m not sure how they got to that conclusion, but the President did mention something about survival of the fittest. I don’t know what … Continue reading Daisies